Businesses Tackle Climate Change at CABA’s All Member Reception


On March 15th, our member businesses gathered in Boston to attend CABA’s most recent All Member Reception. The event provided an opportunity for new and seasoned CABA member businesses to share stories, network, and learn more about how to take action on climate change.

After business leaders arrived and settled in, CABA Executive Director Michael Green and Treasurer Susan Labandibar shared their memories of CABA’s beginnings and core principles. A manifestation of the principle that businesses can have an impact on our climate, CABA has continued to grow in membership since its creation five years ago. The speaking section of the evening culminated in a question-and-answer session, during which members voiced their visions for CABA’s future. On the horizon: more members, expanded programming, and greater action all-around. Stay tuned!

Solisite Co-Founder Marc Suter engages in lively conversation with Climate XChange Policy Fellow August Granath.

Dana Goodman, Community Programs Specialist at Boston Solar, shares a laugh with CABA Fellow Jonah Kurman-Faber and Policy Associate Tim Cronin

Board Members and Member Businesses came together at the event!

In addition to speaking amongst one another, attendees had the opportunity to visually show us why they take action on climate change. The activity was more than just inspiring—it made for a great photo-op, too!

Ryn Hamilton, Founder of Ryn Hamilton Consulting, shares her hopeful outlook on climate action.

CABA Director of Operations, Amanda Griffiths shows us her thoughts on climate action.

City Compost Founder Adam Jankauskas shares his forward-thinking reasons for taking climate action.

AMANDA GRIFFITHS Director of Operations
Amanda comes to CABA from the Massachusetts State House, where she served as the Legislative and Communications Director and subsequently, as the Staff Director for the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change. While at the State House, Amanda focused on energy and environmental policy, including renewable energy adoption, transportation sector emissions, climate resiliency and toxics. She graduated from Colgate University in 2013 with a degree in Environmental Biology and Geography, researching climatology and ecosystem ecology in the Adirondacks and Costa Rica. Amanda is currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Graphic Design at MassArt, where she hopes to build on her science and policy experience.