Campaign Updates From Maryland

Resolution submitted calling on congress to ensure safe climate

On June 11th, after a long day lobbying for federal carbon fee-and-dividend on Capital Hill, a group of Climate XChange and Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers met for dinner at a restaurant in Bethesda.  On the way, one of the volunteers, Lynne Cherry, invited Jamie Raskin, a wildly popular freshman Congressman from Maryland, to join them.  Lynne had known Representative Raskin since he was a young man and the two have a warm relationship, but the other volunteers had never met him and were excited to have the opportunity.

From left to right: Vivianna Van Deerlin, Jessica Langerman, Lynne Cherry, young Alannah Johns-Ellis, Alan Langerman, John Langerman, Peter Jenkins, Peter Fiekowski, Susan Lee, and Peter Van Deerlin… awaiting Jamie Raskin’s arrival!

When Congressman Raskin appeared, he immediately engaged in a passionate discussion about the need for climate action.  Peter Fiekowski, founder of the Healthy Climate Alliance, suggested that Rep. Raskin submit a resolution calling on Congress to commit to taking the actions necessary to ensure that future generations inherit the same stable climate we did.
To everyone’s amazement, Rep. Rasking immediately agreed – and he was as good as his word.  Working with several of the volunteers there that night, particularly Peter Jenkins and Susan Lee, the following resolution was entered into Congress:

H. CON. RES. 137
Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States is committed to
ensuring a safe and healthy climate for future generations, and to creating
solutions for restoring the climate.

Thank you, Representative Raskin!

Gearing up for 2019!

From Left to Right: Pete Smith (CXC board member), Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo, Delegate Ben Kramer, and Phil Jakobsberg, CXC Program Director.

On September 21st, members of the Maryland CXC Steering Committee met with Delegates David Fraser-Hidalgo and Ben Kramer to discuss whether or not to re-submit carbon-pricing legislation in the 2019 session.  Having suffered an unimaginable blow by unexpectedly losing his wife only a few short months ago, Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo nevertheless was ready to continue the fight.  Both he and Delegate Kramer were very interested to learn about MA Senator Barrett’s bill, and how its final form differed from the original.