At Climate XChange, we’ve been hard at work for months selling tickets for our Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle. On July 4th, 2017, we selected the winners of a Tesla and three night stay at Great Pines Resort – a more than $160,000 value. Five additional winners walked away with secondary prizes.

The winner drawing party began with a barbecue, grilled by our Executive Director Michael Green, while partygoers played lawn games, chatted, and listened to live jazz. At 7:30pm, the lawn filled with anticipation as partygoers and thousands across the country tuning into the livestream waited for the drawing to begin. The announcement of the winners drew applause from the crowd. After the excitement died down, partygoers headed to the Charles River to watch fireworks.

Michael Fowler of Chicago, IL won the grand prize. After a call from Green informing him that he won, Fowler ecstatically said, “I supported you guys because supporting the environmental movement and climate science is more important now than ever.”

Newton resident Bill Ravanesi won third place prize – a check for $5,000 and a reservation for a Tesla Model 3.

The raffle is part of our larger initiative to pass carbon pricing bills S.1821 and H.1726, and was enormously successful at spreading the word about this legislation across the country, driving tens of thousands of people to our website. If passed, the bills would put a fee on fossil fuels as they enter Massachusetts, then rebate some or all of the revenue back to households and businesses. The bills intend to stimulate the economy while reducing carbon emissions to curb climate change.

“Getting everyone on board with the bills initially seemed a tremendous task,” said Michael Green. “It’s been rewarding to see our hard work elicit such strong support in such a short amount of time. When we tell people about a simple, cost-effective, efficient mechanism for tackling climate change, they want to know more and they want to support it.”

Since 2013, we have been working with the Campaign for a Clean Energy Future to put a price on carbon pollution in Massachusetts. This legislative session, the bills have gathered 80 co-sponsors – more than one-third of the legislature.

Earlier this month, 200 supporters attended 50 meetings with legislators during the campaign’s Carbon Pricing Lobby Day. One week later, nearly 500 advocates showed up at the Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee hearing for the two carbon pricing bills, and more than 40 of those testified directly to the committee. The lineup of testifiers supporting the bills included legislators, health professionals, students, scientists, economists, farmers, business leaders, and faith communities.

Our organization also runs the State Carbon Pricing Network, providing research, resources, and guidance to groups across the country working towards a statewide price on carbon.

The funds raised from the raffle will support our mission of putting a price on carbon pollution.