April 28, 7 pm 

Princeton Student Climate Initiative. Dr. Marc Breslow will be joining the Carbon Fee and Dividend Campaign, to speak with students who are doing a carbon pricing study, legislation, and outreach in New Jersey, having a discussion about how to move their efforts forward. Private Event.


May 1, 7 pm

No Canton Gas Pipeline: Towards an equitable, sustainable future lobby and organizing meeting.


May 8, 6 pm 

Westfield State College. Carbon pricing economics events with speakers including Dr. Marc Breslow of Climate XChange, Rep Jennifer Benson, and Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, an Episcopal minister from Northampton and a longstanding climate change activist.


Date TBD

Hearing on Rhode Island Economic & Climate Resilience Act of 2008, H7400/S2188, before the Finance Committee, date has not been announced. Dr. Marc Breslow of Climate XChange will be testifying.


May 16 

Town Hall in First Worcester, President Chandlers district, organized by ELM and others.


May 23, 6 pm 

North Shore Climate Event, in Beverly, with a focus on carbon pricing.


May 31, 10am

Maryland Climate Change Commission. Mitigation Committee. Dr Marc Breslow of Climate XChange is the lead witness on behalf of Climate XChange Maryland. Maryland Dept. of the Environment, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore.


June 1, 2pm 

Yale University – Carbon Pricing in Business, Higher Education, and Governments. Kroon Hall’s Burke Auditorium. Dr. Marc Breslow of Climate XChange will be a part of the panel discussants.