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Rebuild Maryland Coalition is a diverse group of stakeholders working together to pass strong climate legislation that considers frontline communities first while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the quickest researched manner, making polluters pay to develop revenue to heal the harm.

The disastrous effects of climate change in Maryland are already being felt by our most vulnerable communities. Rising sea levels, increasing intensity of storms, and pollution-inflicted health disparities have become a reality in our state and nationwide. Top scientists around the country have been warning us about the harmful effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on our health and environment for decades. Fossil fuel companies have ignored these warnings and continued to put profits over people. Our current statewide emissions goals do not do enough to stop the accelerating impact of climate change.

We need to take serious action and use every tactic to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and hold polluters accountable. Putting a price on carbon offers a market-based solution to incentivize the reduction of emissions while also providing essential funding and protections to education and low-income households.

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed that now more than ever we need real solutions that address existing inequalities and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the damage they inflict. The Rebuild Maryland Coalition recognizes the sensitivity of this issue and is committed to fighting for a carbon price that protects everyday Marylanders from further bearing the cost of climate change.

The Climate Crisis and Education Act

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The 2021 Climate Crisis and Education Act includes:

  • Establishing three separate funds for green infrastructure, household and employer benefits, and education in the state 
  • Gradually increasing the price of carbon pollution, which offers energy companies business and regulatory certainty for future planning while including a no-pass through a provision that protects consumers
  • Incentivizing renewable energy adoption, which invests in local jobs, economic vitality, and public goods

How it Works

1. Establishes two types of fossil fuel fees, charged at the point of entry into Maryland, that  include a polluter pays, no-pass through provision:

        • Non-transportation fuel fee starts at $15/ton CO2, increases $5/ton per year, and is capped at $60/ton.
        • Transportation fuel fee starts at $10/ton CO2, increases $3/ton per year, and is capped at $37/ton.

        2. Contributes to three separate funds for household and employer benefits, green infrastructure, and education

        • The Household and Employer Benefit Fund – Directs millions of dollars generated from the CCEA each year to protect low-income households and energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) businesses from financial harm, as well as help fossil fuel-dependent workers and communities, make the transition to a clean energy economy. 
        • The Climate Crisis and Infrastructure Fund – Generates hundreds of millions of dollars to achieve additional fossil fuel emissions mitigation, build resilient infrastructure, and provide a just transition to Maryland’s new clean energy economy.
        • The Education Fund – Delivers hundreds of millions of dollars each year to support clean energy Initiatives in Maryland Public Schools.

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