Mass. Needs Carbon Pollution Fees

Climate XChange was recently featured in the Worcester Business Journal! Here’s a sneak peek:


“Among the concerns of human rights and security, President Donald Trump and his Cabinet picks are doing little to continue the progress we’ve made for low-cost efficiency and local clean energy. After his promises to expand fossil fuel use, the opportunity for communities to innovate their economy may slip away.

Putting a price on carbon would encourage accountability on heavy polluters make the choice to invest in clean energy and low-carbon growth. Carbon pricing shifts the social costs of climate change onto polluters, leveling the playing field and changing the incentive structure underpinning our over-reliance on dirty, less efficient fuel sources.

Two bills in the Massachusetts legislature propose a statewide carbon pollution fee. Revenue from the bills can be used to support economic growth in the form of rebates, tax cuts and smart investments. HD 1504, sponsored by State Rep. Jennifer Benson (D-Acton), calls for a pollution fee in which 20 percent of the revenue is invested into clean energy infrastructure, and 80 percent is returned to households and businesses. SD 1021 from Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Sudbury) returns 100 percent of the revenue to households and businesses.”


Read the full article in The Worcester Business Journal.