The mission of Climate XChange is to provide policymakers and advocates with cutting edge information on market-based solutions to climate change.


Climate XChange, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a group of concerned citizens, including economists, entrepreneurs, educators, and other residents, mainly from Massachusetts, who were frustrated by the lack of progress in the fight against climate change, and came together in 2013, and merged with Climate Action Business Association in October 2016 to increase our capacity. Together, we are working for a comprehensive policy solution, commensurate with the scale and scope of the problem.

Inspired by the great success of British Columbia’s carbon pricing law, and by the near unanimous support for carbon pricing among economists and other experts across the ideological spectrum, we decided to focus on market-based approaches to climate change.

With action stymied at the federal level, the first state-level carbon pricing law was submitted in Massachusetts in January 2013 by Senator Michael Barrett and Representative Tom Conroy. Later that year, we commissioned one of the nation’s foremost economic modeling firms to determine the feasibility of a state-level, carbon fee and rebate policy, and the results were exciting. With a policy similar to British Columbia’s, Massachusetts could enjoy similar success: lower emissions, more jobs, and a higher Gross State Product, without burdening low- and moderate-income households.

We started spreading the word by reaching out to public officials, groups and citizens across the state. We supported additional research, and in 2014, joined in a formal coalition with environmental, business and civic organizations that share our goals, the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future.

In 2015, Senator Barrett introduced a revised version of his carbon fee and rebate bill, based on a study conducted for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. Senate 1747 was “revenue-neutral,” meaning that all revenues would be rebated to households and employers, in a progressive manner.

For the 2017-18 session of the Massachusetts legislature, carbon pollution pricing bills have been introduced into both the House and Senate, HD.1504 by Representative Jennifer Benson and SD.1021 by Senator Mike Barrett. Both bills were designed with expert assistance from Climate XChange staff.

Massachusetts has a long history of leading the country on the biggest issues, and we believe our state can lead the way again. By providing policymakers and advocates the cutting-edge research and knowledge they need, we can work together to ignite a clean energy revolution and establish a stronger energy foundation for our economy.

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Climate XChange has joined a formal coalition of environmental, business, and civic organizations in the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, to establish economy-wide carbon pricing in Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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