Feat. in The Boston Globe: Naomi Oreskes & Jeremy Jones Talk Carbon Pricing

We teamed up with Dr. Naomi Oreskes and snowboarder Jeremy Jones to put together this piece, featured in The Boston Globe, calling for a price on carbon. Here’s a sneak peek:

Want to protect the climate? Time for carbon pricing

“Our country is feeling the effects of a changing climate. The West is witnessing dramatic changes to winter, including decreased snowpack — which means less water availability the rest of the year — and tremendous destruction of Western forests by bark beetles that used to die off in winter, but now don’t. Here in Massachusetts, people might think that shorter, milder winters are a good thing. But they are not. If we don’t deal with climate change now, the snowpack will be confined to only the highest of elevations.

Of course, renewable energy is helping to stop further climate change. But solar and wind have trouble competing with fossil fuels, because it’s just not a fair market. Fossil fuels — whose greenhouse gas emissions drive climate change — are more widely available than clean energy, and they are usually cheaper, due to ongoing subsidies. A carbon pricing system would level the playing field. 

Putting a price on carbon is a proven market mechanism that has widespread, bipartisan support, and is increasingly being adopted around the globe. It will account for the true cost of burning fossil fuels, creating a more competitive market for clean energy sources. And, it can be implemented quickly to begin reducing carbon pollution.”

To read the full article in The Boston Globe, click here.