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Climate XChange offers a unique workplace for those who believe that market-based tools like carbon pricing can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

To address this problem we will need a new generation of leaders. Climate change is an urgent problem. This new generation of leaders will have to be passionate, nimble, and prepared to work in a fast moving ever-connected world.

Working at Climate XChange will provide you the opportunity to grow as a professional and believe in the work you are doing. We offer opportunities to young professionals, career experts, and those looking to volunteer their time.

Please see below for open positions.

State Manager

Climate XChange is expanding and we’re looking for two driven and experienced individuals to lead our efforts in the Southwest and Midwest.

You Are

  • A Generalist: Schooled in a range of disciplines, from broad campaign management to detailed meeting coordination. You are comfortable being a team player but willing to step up and be a team leader.
  • Climate focused: From transportation policy to energy procurement, you know that there are many different solutions to addressing climate change.
  • A Do-er and Getter-doner: You are a hands-on practitioner, independently generating campaign strategy insights and deliverables, while managing and inspiring members of the staff.
  • Politically Savvy: You powermap in your spare time, you understand the history and context of state policy as well as the communities and stakeholders that shaped the landscape.
  • So dang strategic: Be on the ball. You understand what actions have the greatest impact and go for them.
  • Someone who dots your I’s and crosses your T’s: You will be the point of contact
    for decision makers, business partners and advocacy leaders.
  • Prolific, collaborative, cooperative: You want to get stuff out of people’s heads and down on paper whenever you can for whoever you can because instead of an ego, you’ve got an insatiable thirst to complete the mission at hand.


Help Climate XChange and our partner organizations effectively engage in supporting carbon pricing policies in your state.

  • Strengthen Climate XChange’s alliances with other key players in the climate movement across the state and region.
  • Focus on clean transportation and other market-based policies that are gaining momentum in the region.
  • Build awareness and support for Climate XChange and grow our network of experts and audiences.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work proactively with Climate XChange volunteers to support them as they engage in efforts across the state and region.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with partner organizations and in-state allies (local nonprofits, officials, lobbyists, etc.) to develop a coalition and build momentum within the state.
  • Identify key political and advocacy stakeholders in the state with a focus on raising up communities that are already feeling the impacts of climate change and environmental injustice.
  • Act as a connection point for campaign activities in the region and with central staff in Boston.
  • Manage political strategies and make recommendations to the organizational leadership on expanding priorities and opportunities.
  • Engage with media related to state-level efforts, create sign-on letters, write blogs, and tweet about state policy & advocacy efforts. 
  • Direct allies and volunteers to resources that can help them understand carbon
    pricing (e.g. economic studies, polling, messaging, other state efforts, etc.)
  • Work with local business leaders to develop a private sector strategy for
    growing carbon pricing support.
  • Oversee state-level project expenses, and report on project expenditures and
    results to relevant granting foundations.
  • Other duties as required.


    • At least 5 years experience working in your state’s political system
    • Willingness to work proactively and independently in a remote work setting
    • Ability to travel occasionally
    • Experience engaging with various stakeholders in an advocacy role
    • Ability to work collaboratively with remote staff and volunteers
    • Creative and analytical thinking with strong problem-solving skills
    • Exceptional attention to accuracy, detail, and deadlines
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field related to policy or economics preferred

    Locations: New Mexico, Minnesota

    We are hiring one staff member in each location.

    State Carbon Pricing Network Fellows

    Climate XChange (CXC) provides research, education, and advocacy tools to move the US towards a low-carbon economy through market-based mechanisms. To achieve this, we conduct research, draft policy, author articles, and help leverage action confronting the climate crisis. 

    The State Carbon Pricing Network (SCPN) is a rapidly-growing project within the organization that includes more than 6,000 advocates and policymakers across the country who are pushing for carbon pricing in their states. We help provide these individuals with the tools they need to advance their campaigns to price pollution, and advocate for strong and equitable climate policies. 

    Each semester, we hire State Carbon Pricing Network fellows to conduct state-specific research, provide media coverage, and bring new stakeholders into the conversation. The fellows will help spearhead our research and media coverage in each of the following regions: the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest. 

    Why Apply?

    At Climate XChange, we pride ourselves on our robust fellowship program, which seeks to provide a unique professional opportunity to all fellows while empowering individuals to advance the work of climate action in a substantial way. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, we encourage fellows to proactively suggest new projects that advance Climate XChange’s goals and create opportunities for their professional growth. 

    Main responsibilities

    • Tracking state-level legislation across the country and helping to create an inventory of bills 
    • Conducting policy analysis for internal reports and website articles 
    • Writing articles and blog posts for the Climate XChange website and weekly newsletter that reaches an audience of 10,000
    • Writing Letters to the Editor (LTEs) and reaching out to media outlets across the country for publication
    • Researching political landscapes in different regions and synthesizing the information for CXC’s audience
    • Reaching out to key stakeholders and bringing them into the network


    Preferred Qualifications

    • Excellent written and interpersonal communications skills
    • Ability to work independently after initial guidance
    • Flexible and able to tackle multiple assignments simultaneously
    • Attention to detail applied to research and written assignments


    More Information

    Location: Remote

    Reports to: Noa Dalzell, State Carbon Pricing Network Manager

    Compensation: Unpaid Intern

    Hours: Between 10-20 hours per week.

    Dates: September 7th to December 18th


    To Apply

    Email your resume to the State Carbon Pricing Network Manager, Noa Dalzell ( Please include in the subject line: your full name followed by Climate XChange Fellowship Application. 

    Apply now if you want to: 

    • Improve your research, writing, and communication skills
    • Become well-versed in carbon pricing and climate policy
    • Engage in networking opportunities with government officials, sustainability experts, academics, and others in the climate space 
    • Enjoy a flexible schedule 
    • Get to know other students and professionals in this space 


    Read more: Why Price Carbon? 

    There is widespread recognition and scientific consensus that in order to stabilize the climate and prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by at least 80 percent by 2050. 

    The fuels responsible for emitting the gases that are causing this crisis have long been cheap and subsidized by governments around the world. In turn, we have failed to account for the true cost of these fuels as the main agents of global climate change, and all the impacts that come with it, which we are already living with today.


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