Our research provides policymakers and advocates with cutting edge information on market-based solutions to climate change. Looking for research in your state? Contact us to learn how we create resources tailored to your needs, from initial research to policy language and campaign support.

Recent Reports

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An Analysis of Impacts on Households at Different Income Levels from Carbon Pollution Pricing in Maryland

Benefits of the Regional Carbon Cost Collection Initiative

Analysis of a Carbon Fee or Tax as a Mechanism to Reduce GHG Emissions in Massachusetts

How to Design Carbon Pollution Pricing Policy in your State

Climate XChange has extensive experience in carbon pricing policy design and analysis at the state level. We provide in-depth economic analysis, design recommendations, and expert testimony to stakeholders in different states to help craft carbon pricing policy and advance advocacy campaigns.

Each state has a unique economic makeup that interacts with carbon pricing differently. We can provide impact analysis on both businesses and households, a vital consideration in informing policy design to ensure the entire economy thrives under a cleaner future.