State Climate Policy Network

The State Climate Policy Network (SCPN) is a rapidly-growing project that includes more than 18,000 advocates and policymakers across the country who are pushing for effective and equitable climate policies in their states. We help provide these individuals with the tools they need to advance their campaigns and increase cross-collaboration.

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To engage with stakeholders across the country on climate policy, join our

Deep Dive Webinars

Monthly conversations with experts on niche climate policy topics

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Policy Calls

Monthly meetings with network members on each state’s climate policy updates

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Networking Events

Quarterly events for network members to connect with each other

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To learn about our State Climate Policy Network members and their stories, read our


Featured interviews highlighting network members and their work

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Articles written by network members on their views, work, and advocacy

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To delve into state-level climate policy across all 50 states, explore our

State Climate Policy Dashboard

Our new interactive policy tracker with curated information and resources on climate policies across sectors and states

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