State Climate Policy Network Perspectives

Interested in submitting an article for the Climate XChange website?

In Short

We’re looking for State Climate Policy Network members to publish articles on the work they are doing, the research they are conducting, and their unique perspectives on a variety of topics. If you’re interested, please submit a fully written article and a short paragraph about your background.

Who Can Submit

Any and all State Climate Policy Network Members! That includes student advocates, policymakers, academics, researchers, etc. If you’re not already an SCPN member, feel free to sign up here. It should only take 30 seconds! Now that you’re an SCPN member, you can submit an article too!

What types of entries are we looking for?

  • Blog posts describing specific climate policies you are working on. For example, if you are a climate advocate in Iowa working on a 100% renewable bill, write about that! If you were just a part of a coalition that successfully passed an environmental justice policy, we’d love to hear from you! 
  • Op-eds pushing for or against specific policies. If you’ve been trying to get a Letter to the Editor published, consider utilizing Climate XChange’s blog as an outlet for sharing your perspective or advocating for a specific pathway. 
  • Articles summarizing your organization’s latest research. For example, if you are a policy researcher at a think tank, and just released a white paper about decarbonizing the transportation sector, we’d love to have you utilize our network to disseminate this research. Write a short piece summarizing this report, and if accepted, we’ll share it on our website! 
  • Anything else that you may be interested in writing!

Why we’re opening up authorship on our website changing our content system

Climate XChange is looking to publish the work of SCPN members, disseminating the latest information and analysis to our broad audience of policymakers and climate advocates. The SCPN is a network of 15,000+ policymakers, advocates, researchers, academics, students, business leaders, and everyone in between, and each individual has a unique perspective in the climate advocacy conversation. Rather than having CXC staff and fellows generate all of our content, we’re excited by the prospect of hearing how policy is evolving from the very individuals who are working on the ground and conducting cutting-edge research. Accepted pieces will be published on the homepage of the website, and sent to all network members via our Friday newsletter. 

Some additional details on the articles we post

There is no restriction on word count, but for the most part, try to keep your piece to no more than 1,200 words. Write in an explanatory tone (see: Vox), and minimize academic jargon and technical language that the general public might not understand. To cite your sources, use hyperlinks — no need to worry about a bibliography or anything like that. Hyperlink to bills you mention, to organization names, and to expand on any information you succinctly provide. Additionally, while we’ve listed some topic ideas for potential pieces, feel free to send along an article that is not included in this list. 

While we encourage members to submit articles on a number of topics, there is no guarantee that your draft will be accepted or your article posted. Climate XChange reserves the right to full editorial discretion in line with our organizational values and policy principles. If you want to submit a piece that has already been published on your website, you can send along a draft of this piece, and it may be subject to edits by the CXC team. We will also need written approval from you that the piece is okay to be republished on our site!

So, you want to publish a piece?

Within a week, you will receive confirmation that we received your submission and whether or not we’d like to move forward in the publication process. Article submissions will need to be approved by our communications team to determine if the piece will be a good fit for our website. Even if we move forward in the editorial process with your article, there is no guarantee that we will publish it. Articles that are fully approved will be sent back to you with edit suggestions and will be published on our website in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out with any questions if you are interested in submitting an article!