Our mission is to achieve a rapid and equitable transition towards a zero-emissions economy by advancing state climate policy.

Theory of Change

WE ARE STRENGTHENING THE CLIMATE MOVEMENT BY Building actionable research tools, facilitating cross-state collaboration, and designing tailored policy solutions

WHICH EMPOWERS State policymakers and advocates to implement solutions that meet the urgency of the climate crisis

WHICH WILL DRIVE STATES TO Rapidly and equitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Our Work

STATE CLIMATE POLICY NETWORK – Through the State Climate Policy Network (SCPN), we build collective knowledge and forge new connections to boost state campaigns nationwide. Our network helps changemakers learn from each other to increase the ambition, equity and durability of state and local climate policy.

State Climate Policy Network |  Webinars

STATE CLIMATE POLICY DASHBOARD – The Dashboard tracks 65+ policies across all 50 states, making it the most comprehensive publicly available climate policy database. The platform compiles states’ progress across policy areas and identifies opportunities for new legislation. 

State Climate Policy Dashboard | Policy Reports

ADVOCACY – We are working alongside frontline communities, unions, teachers, students, executive branch and municipal officials, and industry leaders to build a diverse coalition in Maryland. We are leveraging our network of media partners, legislators, and business leaders to push carbon pollution pricing bills across the finish line.

Rebuild Maryland Coalition

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