Our mission is to achieve a durable, just transition away from polluting fossil fuels in the United States by advancing climate policy at the state level. 

We empower state and local policy makers, business leaders, and advocates with the information, resources, and networks they need to make these policies a reality in a way that best serves local communities.


NETWORK – Through the State Climate Policy Network (SCPN), 15,000+ members strong and counting, we build collective knowledge and forge new connections to boost state campaigns nationwide. Our network helps changemakers learn from each other to increase the ambition, equity and durability of state and local climate policy.

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RESEARCH – We use cutting-edge data and modeling to create actionable research for policymakers and other stakeholders to advocate for equitable climate and clean energy solutions. Our team provides technical assistance to state leaders on decarbonization, green stimulus, equity and environmental justice, carbon pollution pricing, and public health.  

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COMMUNICATION – We are communicators of not just the climate crisis, but of the breadth of policies and solutions to transform our ways of life to meet the biggest challenge of our time. Fossil fuel interests have long deployed media narratives to shape public discourse. We counter their influence by engaging the public with creative, science-based information. 

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ADVOCACY – We work alongside frontline communities, unions, teachers, students, executive branch and municipal officials, and industry leaders to build coalitions in Maryland and Massachusetts. We are leveraging our network of media partners, legislators, and business leaders to push carbon pollution pricing bills across the finish line.

Green Future Now Campaign (Massachusetts) | Rebuild Maryland Coalition

August 2021 Executive Director Transition

Michael Green is Stepping Down as Executive Director of Climate XChange.