State Climate Policy Dashboard

The Dashboard is a curated, interactive information hub with state-by-state information on climate policy across sectors.

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Our interactive state policy tracker includes a 50-state map that tracks passed climate policy at the state level, with links to policies and further resources.

Policy Area

Our policy pages provide information, resources, and model rules on 65+ state climate policies across seven distinct policy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dashboard is a newly launched information hub on the Climate XChange website that establishes a framework for state climate policy, tracks the status of each policy, and provides educational resources on each policy. It has two features: the State Climate Policy Tracker and the State Climate Policy Resource Hub.

The State Climate Policy Tracker tracks the passage of climate mitigation and adaptation policies across all 50 states. The Policy Tracker only includes information on passed policies, not policies under consideration. Each state has its own page on the tracker with an identical policy framework, and provides information on which policies within the framework have passed in that state.

The Policy Tracker also includes a state map that illustrates the relative progress of states on climate policy.

The Resource Hub is an educational counterpart to the state policy tracker. The Resource Hub has information on each of the policies tracked in the State Climate Policy Tracker, grouped into seven “policy areas”:

  1. Climate Governance and Equity
  2. Adaptation and Resilience
  3. Electricity
  4. Buildings and Efficiency
  5. Transportation
  6. Agriculture
  7. Industry, Materials, and Waste Management

You can navigate between the policy areas and jump to individual policies on each page to learn more about them. Each policy has an explanation, resource links, and model state examples.

Version 1.5 of the Dashboard tracks 66 state climate policies across the seven policy areas listed above. This includes legislation, executive orders, rules, and regulations. In some cases, we also track other elements such as government planning documents, government landing pages, or governing bodies. A master list of all tracked policies can be found in our public data sheet.

The Dashboard was curated using publically-available data sources by Climate XChange staff and fellows, in collaboration with the research efforts of many organizations. A full list of collaborators can be seen below. All data is manually updated by CXC staff and periodically reviewed by members of the State Climate Policy Network.

Every state has its own page with full policy data, collapsible by policy area. If a policy has been passed in a given state, that policy will be listed in black text with a hyperlink to the direct policy language. If a policy has not yet been passed in your state, that policy will be listed in greyed-out text.

The Dashboard currently only tracks state-level policy. The Dashboard does not include data on Washington D.C. or unincorporated U.S. territories.

We want to hear your thoughts on how to make this website as useful as possible. Also, state-level climate policies change often, so there might be information that’s out-of-date or missing from the Dashboard. If you have ideas on how to improve this website, or identify an error, please submit your feedback by clicking on the speech bubble icon that can be found in the bottom right corner of every Dashboard page.

CXC is looking for individuals and organizations interested in reviewing or collecting state data and/or policy information. The types of partnerships available include reviewer, contributor, or a full partner. If you are interested in working with us on the Dashboard, please reach out to for more information.

Featured Organizations

The State Climate Policy Dashboard features the work of many organizations and institutions, including:

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We would like to thank the following members of the State Climate Policy Network for providing review of the Dashboard’s state data:

  • Alaska
    • Andrea Feniger, Alaska Chapter Director, Sierra Club — Version 1.1
  • Arkansas
    • Gary Moody, Director of State and Local Government, Audubon Society — Version 1.1
  • California
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
    • Katie Schneer, High Meadows Fellow for Subnational Climate Policy, EDF — Version 1.1
    • Vanessa Warheit, Advisor, 350 Bay Area — Version 1.1
  • Colorado
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
    • Alex Degolia, Director, State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, EDF — Versions 1.1 and 1.4
    • Jerome Tinianow, Founder, Western Urban Sustainability Advisers — Version 1.1
    • Rebecca Curry, Colorado Policy Advocate, Earthjustice — Versions 1.1 and 1.4
    • Megan McCarthy, Air Quality Planner, Climate Change Program at CDPHE — Version 1.4
  • Delaware
    • Dustyn Thompson, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, Sierra Club Delaware Chapter — Version 1.1
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
    • Melissa Miyashiro, Managing Director, Strategy and Policy, Blue Planet Foundation — Version 1.1
  • Illinois
    • Ariel Hampton, Legal and Policy Researcher, Illinois Environmental Council — Version 1.4
  • Indiana
    • Kerri Garven, Executive Director, Greater Indiana Clean Cities — Version 1.1
    • Kaylee May, Communications Manager, Greater Indiana Clean Cities — Version 1.1
    • Abhishek Jagdale, Project Coordinator, Greater Indiana Clean Cities — Version 1.4
  • Iowa
    • Katie Rock, Campaign Representative, Beyond Coal, Sierra Club — Version 1.1
    • Kerri Johannsen, Energy Program Director, Iowa Environmental Council — Version 1.1
  • Kansas
    • Abigail Schletzbaum, Program Analyst, FEMA — Version 1.1
  • Louisiana 
    • Jessica Hendricks, State Policy Director, Alliance for Affordable Energy — Version 1.1
    • Logan Burke, Executive Director, Alliance for Affordable Energy — Version 1.4
  • Maine
    • Jack Shapiro, Climate and Clean Energy Program Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • Maryland
    • Diana Younts — Version 1.1
    • Hope Clark, Maryland Organizer, Climate XChange — Version 1.1
    • Wandra Ashley-Williams, Maryland Regional Director, Climate XChange — Version 1.1
  • Michigan
    • Barry Rabe, Professor of Public and Environmental Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Policy — Version 1.1
    • Adewale Adesanya, Project Founder/CEO, Havenergy Consulting Inc. — Version 1.1
  • Minnesota
    • Sachiko Graber, Climate Policy Associate, TNC — Version 1.1
  • Missouri
    • John Hickey, Volunteer State Lead, Clean Energy for America — Version 1.1
    • McKenna Thompson, Policy Clerk, Renew Missouri — Version 1.4
  • Montana
    • Anne Hedges, Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Montana Environmental Information Center — Version 1.1
  • Nebraska
    • Abigail Schletzbaum, Program Analyst, FEMA — Version 1.1
  • New Hampshire
    • Bruce Clendenning, Energy Policy Manager, TNC — Version 1.1
  • New Mexico
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
  • North Carolina
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
    • Kate Konschnik, Climate and Energy Director, Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions — Version 1.1
    • Katie Warnell, Policy Associate, Ecosystem Services Program, Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions — Versions 1.1 and 1.4
    • Michelle Allen, Project Manager, North Carolina Political Affairs, EDF — Version 1.1
  • Ohio
    • Mike Ahern, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Air Pollution Control, Retired — Version 1.1
  • Oklahoma
    • Brad Carl, External Affairs and Climate Specialist, TNC — Version 1.1
    • Abbey Pizel, Water Conservation Coordinator, City of Oklahoma City — Version 1.1
  • Oregon
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
  • Pennsylvania
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
    • Liz Robinson, Executive Director, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association — Version 1.1
  • Rhode Island
    • Peter Trafton, CCL — Version 1.1
  • South Carolina
    • Alecia Brewster, Program Director, South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light — Versions 1.1 and 1.4
    • Conservation Voters of South Carolina
    • — Version 1.4
  • South Dakota
    • Heidi Kolbeck-Urlacher, South Dakota Policy Associate, Center for Rural Affairs — Version 1.1
    • Guy Larson, South Dakota Chapter Co-Chair, Sierra Club — Version 1.4
  • Tennessee
    • Cris Corley, Vice Chair, Sierra Club — Version 1.1
  • Texas
  • Utah
    • Josh Craft, Government & Corporate Relations Manager, Utah Clean Energy — Versions 1.1 and 1.4
  • Vermont
    • Ben Edgarly Walsh, Climate and Energy Program Director, Energy Independent Vermont — Version 1.1
  • Virginia
    • Drew Stilson, Senior Analyst, EDF — Version 1.1
  • Washington State
    • David Mendoza, Director of Advocacy & Engagement, TNC — Version 1.1
    • Kelly Hall, Senior Policy Manager, Climate Solutions — Version 1.1
  • Wisconsin
    • Kermit Hovey, Group Leader, 350 Wisconsin — Version 1.1
  • Wyoming
    • John Burrows, Conservation Advocate, Wyoming Outdoor Council — Version 1.4

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