URGENT: Please Make Calls to Pass Carbon Pollution Pricing

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Carbon pollution pricing is moving forward, and we need your help to pass a bill including it by the end of the state legislative session July 31.

The State Senate recently passed S.2564, which includes carbon pricing and other important provisions, including ones that will greatly increase solar and other renewable energy in the state.

Now we need the State House of Representatives to bring up and pass its own bill. For this to happen we need to win over a few key leaders in the House. We are organizing phone banks to call people in the districts of these Representatives, and need your help to make the calls. Could you make calls to pro-environment voters in the key districts?

We are calling constituents of key State Representatives, asking them to call their Rep on behalf of Representative Benson’s carbon pricing bill, H.1726.

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P.S. – for more information:

  • We are asking the key representatives to pass a House bill similar to H. 1726 from Representative Jen Benson. A flier about it is here.
  • An article about the carbon pricing bill that passed the Senate is here.

P.P.S. – even if you know that your own Representative supports carbon pollution pricing, please call or e-mail reminding them it’s urgent that the House pass an energy/climate bill that includes carbon pricing.

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