Dec. 11th Roundup: New Poll Shows Broad Support for TCI

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– “27 Young Climate Activists Arrested On Trespassing Charges At State House Protest” (Miriam Wasser, WBUR): “After a climate protest that drew at least 300 young people to the State House, 27 people were arrested and charged with trespassing.”

– “Cracking the climate code” (Andy Metzger, Commonwealth Magazine): “An arcane state board, known to few outside the world of design and construction, is the setting of a furious clash the outcome of which could influence the amount of climate-curdling emissions that pour out of chimneys…”


– “What you need to know about this year’s UN climate negotiations” (Michael Green, Climate XChange) [read the full article here]


– Walsh Signs Order Requiring All New Construction to be Net Zero: This morning, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh signed an executive order requiring all new municipal buildings to achieve a net-zero carbon standard. In a tweet, Mayor Walsh said, “to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we must double down on our efforts to make buildings fossil fuel-free.”

– “Protesters: 6 arrested in attempted compressor work stoppage in Weymouth” (Joe DiFazio, The Patriot Ledger) [read the article]

– UCS publishes open letter urgining opposition to substation in East Boston: The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has released a new analysis and an open letter that supports efforts to oppose a high-voltage substation proposed in East Boston. In an email Paula García, an Energy Analyst with UCS said, “We should be investing in electrical infrastructure that will move us towards a modern grid that includes renewable energy and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels that cause global warming.”

– “Arsenic And Diesel As Thick As Peanut Butter: What’s Below The Future Weymouth Compressor?” (Miriam Wasser, WBUR) [read the article]

– “Northampton climate plan generates comment, controversy” (Greta Jochem, Daily Hampshire Gazette) [read the article]


– “BU building big milestone in carbon neutrality” by Mayor Martin Walsh and Bob Brown, via Commonwealth Magazine.

– “The False Promise of Natural Gas” by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., Howard Frumkin, M.D., Dr.P.H., and Brita E. Lundberg, M.D., via the New England Journal of Medicine.

– “Hope is not enough” by Saya Ameli Hajebi, via the Boston Globe.

– “The sun reaches everyone –– clean energy should, too” by Mayor Alex Morse and City Manager Thomas Ambrosino, via the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

– “PFAS: A local and global challenge” by Laurel Schaider and Cheryl Osimo, via the Cape Cod Times.

– “How Brookline’s Ban On Gas Heating Could Seed Regional Change” by Frederick Hewett, via WBUR’s Cognoscenti.

– “The 2020 election must be a time of reckoning on climate change” via the Boston Globe Editorial Board.


– “Charges dismissed for environmental activists who blocked train carrying coal” (Elizabeth Dobbins, Lowell Sun) [read the article]

– “Offshore drilling ‘creates pressing threat’ to Massachusetts’s environment, residents’ health, report says” (Benjamin Kail, MassLive) [read the article]


– New Poll: Broad Support for TCI in Massachusetts, New England: As 12 northeast states finalize the details of the TCI program (announcement expected 12/17), a new poll published this morning by the MassINC polling group (funded by the Barr Foundation) finds broad public support for the concept. After New York state, Massachusetts has the second-highest level of support for TCI (68%), compared to 21% opposed. You can read the full poll summary here, but here are some interesting tidbits from the poll:

  • In Massachusetts, 64% of those surveyed had heard “nothing” or only “a little” about TCI.

  • In Massachusetts, using TCI revenue to improve public transportation received the most support (86%), while expanding charging station networks received the least relative support (65%).

  • Regionally, younger voters were the most supportive of TCI, with 78% of voters under 25 in favor of the policy

  • Regionally, non-white voters (75%) were more supportive than white voters (63%). Also, support is also higher among lower-income voters, declining as income increases.

– Baker Meets With Business Leaders on TCI: At 3 pm today, Governor Baker will speak at a briefing hosted by the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) and business executives to TCI.


– AG Healey Leads Coalition Opposing Efforts to Undercut Federal Law That Promotes Clean Energy: Last week, Attorney General Maura Healey announced a new coalition, which she convened, of eight attorneys general and state public utilities commissions. The coalition is opposed to efforts by the Trump administration to undercut an instrumental law that encourages the development of renewable energy resources while ensuring fair and affordable electricity rates for ratepayers.

– “N.Y. judge rejects suit against ExxonMobil, in case with Mass. implications” (David Abel, Boston Globe) [read the article]


– Warren Releases Plan for a Blue New Deal: Yesterday Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign released a new plan for a ‘Blue New Deal’.The plan emphasizes ideas to “rebuild our blue economy, protect and restore ocean habitat, and adapt in a climate changed world.” Read the full plan here.


– “Minnesota Governor Signs Executive Order Calling for Climate Action” (Noa Dalzell, Climate XChange): Minnesota — the second fastest-warming state in the country — is moving swiftly to address the climate crisis. Read how here.


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