A Note to Our Community: Welcome to the State Climate Policy Network

We’ve officially renamed the State Carbon Pricing Network the State Climate Policy Network to reflect the myriad of solutions needed to comprehensively transition to a low carbon future! 

In 2014, the State Carbon Pricing Network was founded by a group of climate advocates who got together to share updates on their respective state-level carbon pricing campaigns. These advocates primarily hailed from a handful of states — Massachusetts, Washington State, Oregon, Vermont, New Jersey — and, in an informal setting, kept a critical dialogue around carbon pricing alive. 

Six years later, the SCPN is composed of nearly 10,000 policymakers, advocates, business leaders, organizers, and academics committed to passing equitable and effective climate policies. Most recently, we launched our monthly Deep Dive webinar series, sharing our expertise with thousands of SCPN members on topics like effective coalition-building, equitable policy design, and best communication practices. We turned a conversation between a handful of advocates into a national presentation and dialogue about climate policy developments from all pockets of the country. We launched a network of climate-focused state legislators who convene on a regular basis, and began to meticulously track and provide media coverage to climate policy developments across all fifty states. 

Today, we are excited to announce that we are renaming the State Carbon Pricing Network the State Climate Policy Network. The decision was made after significant consideration and feedback from network members. The SCPN acronym will fittingly stay the same, as will our mission to push forward effective and equitable climate policy. But this rebrand will better reflect the multidisciplinary nature of our collective work, and the breadth of climate policies needed to combat this crisis. 

Climate XChange continues to recognize pricing carbon pollution as a vital tool to incentivize the transition to a clean energy economy, hold polluters accountable, and generate critical revenue for equity and transformational programs. We also understand that we need a comprehensive suite of policies working in tandem if we hope to reach emissions reduction targets while keeping justice and equity at the forefront. That’s why SCPN will continue to foster conversations around the bigger picture – how states are furthering climate mitigation, adaptation, and environmental justice. This change not only better reflects the scope of our work, but conveys the political space for solutions to come together, rather than compete. 

The change will broaden our reach and impact, help bring more people into the conversation, and build toward transformational state climate plans. 

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Reach out to our SCPN Manager, Noa Dalzell at ndalzell@climate-xchange.org.

Featured Image: Graphic by Amanda Griffiths, Climate XChange