December 9th Roundup: 2020 Climate Bill Coming Soon?

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– Fate of 2020 climate bill remains uncertain (Tim Cronin): Massachusetts lawmakers continue to negotiate a final climate bill, over 100 days since the formation of a conference committee to iron out differences between separate House and Senate versions. It’s unclear why negotiations have stalled, with no information on the committee’s discussions being made public since their first meeting in August of this year. The climate conference committee has until the end of the current session (January 5th, 2021) to release a bill, although ideally they would release one in the next few weeks (to give the legislature time to overrule a potential veto from the Governor). With major priorities completed in the last few weeks, including passing the long-delayed budget and a major police reform bill, lawmakers now look to finish up conference committee negotiations on bills relating to healthcare financing, economic development/housing, transportation bonding, and the climate change bill.

If a climate bill is released, most lawmakers and the public will likely have very little time to react to it before it gets a vote in the House and Senate. Amendments are generally discouraged on final conference committee bills, so expect each chamber’s debate to be relatively short, with a bill being sent to the Governor’s desk within a week of its public release.

[For more background on the bills being considered by the climate bill conference committee, check out Climate XChange’s previous coverage of the Senate’s Next Generation Climate bill (S.2500) or the House’s comprehensive energy & climate bill (H.4933)]

– House continues “listening session” on green recovery approaches (Tim Cronin): The House Green Recovery Task Force continues to meet with a variety of stakeholders since being announced in September by Representatives Tom Golden and Carolyn Dykema. Over a dozen stakeholder groups have so far met with the Task Force, whose members mirror the House membership of the Joint Energy Committee. Outside groups that have presented to so far include 350MA, ELM, the Mass Municipal Association, McDonald’s Sustainability Team, Climate XChange, and others. Anyone interested in meeting with the task force is encouraged to reach out via their website.


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