January 14th Roundup: Sunrise Endorses Wu for Mayor

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–Today is the day: last day for Governor Baker to sign the climate bill (Tim Cronin): Governor Baker has less than 24-hours to sign a major climate bill that’s been sitting on his desk for over a week, or else it is automatically vetoed and must be refiled. The climate bill (S.2995) was passed last week by overwhelming margins in the House and Senate, but because it was sent to the Governor at the very end of the session lawmakers are unable to override any veto that may come from Baker.

Over the past 10 days, Baker has faced intense pressure from residents, advocates, business leaders, and others to sign the bill. At different times last week, the Governor’s constituent phone line was too busy to accept calls. Meanwhile, according to Jon Chesto of the Boston Globe, development lobbyist NAIOP and other real estate groups have pushed for Baker to veto the climate bill, claiming it will impact the state’s economic recovery. Other business leaders have pushed back on this narrative, including Alliance for Business Leadership President Jen Benson, and Greentown Labs CEO Dr. Emily Reichert.

Lawmakers have signaled that they will take action to ensure the bill becomes law regardless of what the Governor does today. Yesterday, House Speaker Mariano joined Senate President Spilka in pledging to refile the climate bill immediately if Governor Baker vetoes it. When it would get a vote is unknown, but given that the membership of the legislature has changed very little since the new session started last Wednesday (1/6), it’s likely the bill would pass again with a veto-proof majority.

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– “House Speaker Says He’ll Refile Climate Bill If Baker Vetoes” (Matt Murphy, State House News Service via WBUR Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Climate Coalition Wants More Transparency On Beacon Hill Voting” (Katie Lannan, State House News Service via Earthwhile): [read the article]

– Coalition calls on Beacon Hill to address transportation justice and equity (Christian Morris): A group of 30+ community-led, transportation, environmental, public health, labor, business, youth, and research organizations sent a letter to the MA legislature calling for a transportation platform centered on justice and equity. The letter outlines broader goals for a just and equitable approach to the intersection of climate change and transportation and hopes to spark a conversation as we enter the new legislative session. [read more]

– “The New Climate Bill Won’t Make Or Break A Proposed Biomass Plant In Springfield. But Another State Plan Will.” (Miriam Wasser, Earthwhile): [read the article]


– “Mass. Climate Bill Features New Gas Safety Measures” (Colin A. Young, State House News Service via Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Arlington delegation joins Legislature in passing climate change bill” (Wicked Local): [read the article]

– “Local legislators speak to planned bills, focus in 2021” (Aninta Fritz and Bera Dunau, Daily Hampshire Gazette): [read the article]


– “A letter to Gov. Baker: Sign the climate bill” by Emily Reichert, Greentown Labs, and Tim Cronin, Climate XChange, via Boston Business Journal

– “Sign the climate bill, governor” by The Boston Globe Editorial Board

– “For Baker, crunch time on climate change” by Bradley Campbell is the president of Conservation Law Foundation and Elizabeth Henry

– “We asked some of Boston’s leaders (who aren’t running for mayor) what the city’s next mayor should do. Here are their answers” by Milton J. Valencia, via The Boston Globe


– Wu receives youth climate endorsement (Christian Morris): On Monday (1/11), Sunrise Boston – a leading chapter of the national Sunrise Movement – issued their official hub endorsement of Boston City Councilor At-Large Michelle Wu for mayor. The endorsement also comes on the heels of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Wu’s campaign, which was announced this past weekend. The support of Sunrise Boston is not an easy feat. The process typically involves a personal interview with the candidate to discuss their policy approach, followed by deliberation among the hub itself on whether to throw the hub’s weight behind the candidate. Given Wu’s plan to implement a Boston Green New Deal and her unwavering commitment to climate and environmental justice, Sunrise Boston unanimously approved the endorsement.

In a statement sent to the Roundup from Sunrise Boston, Graham Albert – a member of the hub’s political team and endorsement task force – says: “From building coalitions, to making public transit more accessible to Bostonians, to introducing a comprehensive plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery, Councilor Wu has proven herself time and time again to be the type of public servant that is needed leading the city at this moment.”


– “What’s In That Water? ‘Geochemical Santa Claus’ Offers New Data To Climate Modelers” (Barbara Moran, Earthwhile): [read the article]

– Whale Season: Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Calves Count Hits 7 (David Abel, Twitter): [read more]


– “Gasoline Car Sales to End by 2035 in Massachusetts” (Maxine Joselow, E&E News via Scientific American): [read the article]


“Mayflower Wind To Offer Cheaper Power Than Planned” (Colin A. Young, State House News Service via Earthwhile): [read the article]


– “To Guard Against Flooding, Boston Proposes Climate-Resilient Zoning” (Simón Rios, Earthwhile): [read the article]


– “SCPN Spotlight: Phoebe Barnard on investing in natural solutions and finding your superpower” (Ava Gallo, Climate XChange): [read the article]


– “As Climate Change Drives Migration To N.H., Towns Face Tension And Opportunity” (Annie Ropeik, WBUR Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Maine Wants To Lead In Offshore Wind, But Fishermen Say State Is Moving Too Fast” (Fred Bever, Maine Public Radio via WBUR Earthwhile): [read the article]


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