January 22nd Roundup: Massachusetts Lawmakers Refile Climate Bill

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– Senator Barrett, Representative Golden refile climate bill after Baker veto (Tim Cronin): The climate bill (S.2995) vetoed by Gov. Charlie Baker last week has been refiled by the House and Senate. Lawmakers are hoping to quickly return the bill to the Governor and, if necessary, use their veto-proof majority to make it law. The new bill (S.9) was refiled on Tuesday (1/19) by Sen. Barrett and Rep. Golden, with Speaker Mariano and President Spilka putting out a statement saying they “swiftly sending this bill back to the Governor.”

The bill, which seeks to overhaul the state’s climate emissions goals (among other things), passed in the first week of January 2021 with overwhelming bipartisan support before being vetoed by the Governor. It remains uncertain when the new bill will come to the floor for a vote, although it could happen as soon as next week. [Read the full factsheet here]

–“Questions on Baker’s $6b climate change cost estimate” (Bruce Mohl, Commonwealth Magazine): [read the article]

– “In veto letter, Baker objects to a lot in climate change bill” (Bruce Mohl, Commonwealth Mag): [read the article]

– “Baker signs bill requiring resident notification of sewage discharge into local waters” (Anastasia E. Lennon, The Standard Signs): [read the article]


– “After years of protests, a glimmer of hope for opponents to the Weymouth gas compressor” (David Abel, The Boston Globe): “After years of protests, residents opposing a controversial natural gas compressor station in Weymouth received a glimmer of hope Tuesday that federal regulators might reconsider last fall’s decision to allow the plant to operate. In a vote by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a majority of members ruled the panel had improperly denied a request for a hearing on its approval from neighbors and environmental advocates who have long opposed the compressor.” [read the full article]

– “Lawmakers talk environmental reform, hope for 2021” (Max Marcus, Greenfield Recorder): [read the article]

– “Alleging ‘environmental racism,’ residents protest plan to remove scores of mature trees in Roxbury” (David Abel, Boston Globe) [read the article]


– “The Capitol Riot (as with most everything else) is also a climate story” by Christian Morris, via Climate XChange

– “The Frontlines Showed Up for Biden, Now He Must Show Up for Us” by the Climate Justice Alliance 

– “Letter: Put A Price On Carbon” by Richard E. Payne, via The Falmouth Enterprise

– “It’s time lawmakers support an ‘open’ House” by The Boston Globe’s Editorial Board

– “5 Steps Biden Can Take To Protect Climate Migrants” by Nicholas Micinski, via WBUR.

– “Governor Baker – Your Climate Bill Veto Was Based On Bad Accounting” by Larry Chretien, via Green Energy Consumers Alliance.

– “For Baker, crunch time on climate change” by Bradley Campbell and Elizabeth Turnball Henry, via Commonwealth Magazine.


– “What Did 2.3 Million Gallons Of Molasses Do To Boston Harbor?” (Miriam Wasser, Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Warmer Waters May Spell Trouble For Baby Sharks, Study At New England Aquarium Finds” (Barbara Moran, Earthwhile): [read the article]


– “In the offshore wind industry’s East Coast arms race, Mass. falls behind New York” (Jon Chesto, Boston Globe): [read the article]

 “Biden clean energy agenda could jumpstart offshore wind” (Doug Fraser, Cape Cod Times): [read the article]

– “Vineyard Wind Faced Permitting Woes That Offshore Wind Backers Hope Will End Under Biden Gov’t” (Bruce Gellerman, Earthwhile): [read the article]


 “Environmental Groups Sue EPA Over Alleged Civil Rights Violations In East Boston And Chelsea” (Miriam Wasser, Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Healey Sues Trump’s EPA Over PM2.5 Air Pollution Rule” (Mary Serreze, WBSM New Bedford): [read the article]


– “’It’s Not Inevitable That This Will Be Unjust’: A Q&A With Shalanda Baker On Energy Justice” (Barbara Moran, Earthwhile): [read the article]


– “The Power of Labor in a Green Economy” (Ava Gallo, Climate XChange): [read the article]

– “With Final Permit, Hydropower Project For Mass. Begins Preparing For Power Lines In Maine” (Michael P. Norton, SHNS via Earthwhile): [read the article]

– “Falmouth Aiming To Become A Greener Community” (Abigail Nehring, The Falmouth Enterprise): [read the article]


–> January State Climate Policy Network National Call (Noa Dalzell, Climate XChange): [register]

–> North American Climate Policy: Perspectives from the Periphery (Debora L. VanNijnatten, Marcela López-Vallejo, and Andrés Ávila, University of Michigan’s Ford School): [register]


– “Biden Cabinet Climate Tracker” (Evergreen Action): [read more]

– “Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline and Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement” (Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman, New York Times): [read the article]

– “How to Think About President Biden’s Big Climate Plans” (Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic): [read the article]


– “2.5GW Offshore Wind Contract to Equinor-BP Tops NY Clean Energy Agenda” (Jim Parsons, Engineering News Record): [read the article]

– “The Ongoing Fight for the Forests and Freshwater of Hawai‘i” (Davis Coffey, Climate XChange): [read the article]


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  3. “Mass. Climate Bill Features New Gas Safety Measures”

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