Prominent Environmentalists To Testify In Favor Of Landmark Climate Bill

The Climate Crisis and Education Act (CCEA), introduced in Maryland this session, is having a hearing before the House Economic Matters Committee today at 1:30pm EST. The bill is supported by the Rebuild Maryland Coalition, and currently has endorsements from 41 organizations and businesses, and 290 individuals from across the state. 

During the House hearing, which will be livestreamed on YouTube, prominent environmentalists and community leaders are set to testify in favor of its passing, including:

Wandra Ashley-Williams, Maryland Regional Director, Climate XChange

Jonah Kurman-Faber, Research Director, Climate XChange

Anthony Field, Maryland Campaign Coordinator, CCAN

Staci Hartwell, Environmental/Climate Justice Chair, Maryland State Conference NAACP

Hon. John King, Founder, Strong Futures Maryland, former U.S. Secretary on Education

Sarahia Benn, Executive Director, VOICES (Maryland)

Madison Plunkert, Student, University of Maryland College Park

Julia Hananel, Student, University of Maryland College Park

Julia Clark, Climate MD, University of Maryland College Park

Peter Yungbluth, Resident, Easton, MD

Hope Clark, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chestertown Chapter

Robert Blake Whitehill, Maryland Native, Author

The bill incentivizes the reduction of carbon pollution emissions, and its passage would put Maryland on a commonsense, practical pathway toward a sustainable, vibrant economy. It also sets new statewide, greenhouse gas-emission reduction goals: 60% by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2045. It will also generate billions of dollars for investment in clean energy infrastructure and education, while providing protective benefits to Maryland’s trade-exposed small businesses and its most economically vulnerable populations.

Featured Image: Maryland Statehouse