Jonah Kurman Faber

Regional Cap and Trade: Lessons from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and Western Climate Initiative

TWO LARGE CAP-AND-TRADE SYSTEMS for carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) exist in the U.S. — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that currently covers ten Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states; and the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), which now includes California and the...

Carbon Pricing in Washington: How Should We Be Talking About Exemptions?

Carbon pricing efforts are not just picking up steam in New England, a similar fight is underway in the northwest. On Thursday afternoon Washington’s state Senate Committee on Ways & Means approved a substitute bill of Governor Jay Inslee’s carbon...

Policy Update: Cap-and-Dividend Legislation Introduced in Congress

For the first time in eight years, a federal carbon cap program is back on the table. This past Monday Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Representative Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced The Healthy Climate and Family Security Act of 2018,...

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