Welcome to Cooler Earth, your weekly dive into the latest news and current state of energy, sustainability, environmental politics, and all things climate change. Each week, we will have an in-depth discussion on a specific topic relating to the science and economics of global warming, featuring expert guests.

With Your Hosts

Amanda Griffiths

Maria Virginia Olano

Ryan Maia


Let’s Start With Why

For our first episode of the podcast we wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our personal stories and the journeys that brought us to work on climate issues. Get to know your hosts and hear a little bit about what to expect from the podcast!

The (Carbon) Price is Right

Carbon pricing has emerged as a market-based solution to climate change. This week, we’re speaking with Michael Green, Executive Director of Climate XChange and long time advocate for carbon pricing, to learn more about the policy that has been gaining popularity across the globe.

Paris or Perish!

We discuss the Paris Agreement three years into its signing as well as the international climate movement and international policy on climate change. We dive deep into the legal implications of the US President announcing the withdrawal from the Agreement and what it means for the future of international climate action.

Plastic Reefs

Our guest this week is Daisy Kendrick, Founder of Ocean Generation, who joins us to discuss how climate change and plastic pollution are affecting our aquatic world and the ways her organization is spurring younger generations to take action.

Bugs Know No Borders

This week, we focus on the ways in which changing climate patterns influence vector-borne diseases, causing a much wider population to be at risk of contracting malaria and lyme disease. John Pontillo joins us to talk about his personal experience living in a community impacted by malaria and how climate change will exasperate public health issues experienced in communities across the globe.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Ice Things

For decades, controversy has brewed in DC over whether the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be opened to oil and gas exploration. This week, we are exploring the complexities surrounding this controversy with skier and preservation advocate, Brennan Lagasse.

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