Michael Green is Stepping Down as Executive Director of Climate XChange

August 2021

Over the past eight years, Michael Green has built Climate XChange (CXC) into the powerhouse climate leader that it is today. At the forefront of research, advocacy and storytelling, CXC is a place where business leaders, policymakers, researchers, grassroots activists, municipal and community leaders, students, and everyday citizens can access cutting-edge information and resources for climate action at the state and local levels. The organization’s advocacy efforts have moved the needle on carbon pollution pricing in key states like Massachusetts and Maryland. But, the urgency of the current moment requires that climate legislation be backed by strong leaders who are willing to make ambitious political decisions to achieve target greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050.

In that aim, Michael will be stepping down as Executive Director of CXC to launch a new effort focused on the role the private sector can play in advancing climate solutions. This effort will leverage CXC’s data-driven research and economic modeling and support from other partners to influence climate policy decisions at the state level across the region. Michael will make use of his expertise and networks developed over more than a decade of leadership in key roles at the United Nations, Climate Nexus and World Boston to drive climate policy in New England by engaging elected officials and the clean technology, small business and alternative energy sectors.

This is an exciting new chapter for Michael, as he takes on the next iteration in his climate work. Michael will remain connected to CXC as he assists with strategy setting and fundraising, while transitioning into his new leadership role. CXC will continue to be led by Peter Kirby, Board Member and longtime partner to Michael in building CXC’s strategic vision, who stepped in as Acting Executive Director while Michael took parental leave earlier this year. The organization remains dedicated to strengthening state-level climate policy, through recent initiatives such as analyzing the comprehensiveness of state-level climate plans and assessing the impact of legislation supported by CXC staff in Massachusetts.

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