Our 7th Annual Raffle is Live: Support our Work and Drive Away in a Tesla

Front view of a 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid at sunset

2022 Model X Plaid featured in Climate XChange's 7th Annual Tesla Raffle. Photo: Troy Hallahan

When Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) last August, they unlocked $370 billion of funding for building a clean economy — our country’s single largest investment in climate change ever. With this money, states are primed for implementing climate plans and policies, accessing long-lasting funding sources, and assisting those on the front lines of the climate crisis.

However, while the IRA may enable states to put programs in place, funding alone won’t solve the myriad of other challenges that stand in their way of equitably reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s imperative that policymakers, business leaders, and advocates work together to pass climate policies that can leverage funding to achieve the greatest impact. At Climate XChange, our team is dedicated to making these policies a reality by equipping climate actors with data and resources for passing legislation and facilitating interstate collaboration. 

None of this important work is possible without support from our community, and that’s why we have once again launched our annual Tesla Raffle. By purchasing a raffle ticket, you not only have the chance to win a brand new, fully-loaded Tesla, but you are also investing in a livable future for generations to come.

This year, we’re offering our largest grand prize yet with a total value of over $250,000, with all taxes paid for by us! We’re also offering 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place cash prizes to increase your odds of winning. All of the proceeds from our raffle go towards supporting our work and our grand prize puts one more electric vehicle on the road, so we think of it as a win-win!

Grand Prize

Your choice of: Tesla Model X Plaid luxury SUV or Model S Plaid all-electric luxury performance sedan or Model 3 Midsize Sedan or or Model Y Midsize SUV with any options

Max car total (which is for Model X Plaid) = $165,640

Max Tax Payments = $85,346 

Total Value = $250,986

Tax Breakdown for Max Payments:
MA Sales Tax: $10,353 ǀ Registration Fee: $300 ǀ Federal Prize Taxes: $62,742 ǀ MA Prize Taxes: $11,952


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize



With the support from last year’s Tesla Raffle, we were able to expand our staff capacity, launch our State Climate Policy Dashboard, and establish the Rebuild Maryland Coalition. In 2021, our work reached more than 100,000 policymakers, researchers, and advocates through our website. All of this was possible only through the proceeds that we received from our Tesla Raffle. 

You can read more about our achievements by reading our latest impact report.

Last year, we grew our State Climate Policy Network (SCPN) by 6,000, and more than 90 percent of legislators who attended our quarterly calls said they were useful in their policy work. The network’s resources and events facilitate conversations across state lines and share information that allows movement leaders to take action on specific climate policy topics. 

In November 2021, we also debuted our State Climate Policy Dashboard, an interactive policy tracker and resource hub with in-depth information on over 65 climate policies across all 50 states. We partnered with more than a dozen organizations and 100+ individual reviewers across the SCPN to make sure we offer the most comprehensive climate policy database possible, and we’re proud to make it publicly available so it can inform decision makers at every level of the climate movement. Our Dashboard was even promoted by the New York Times

While we support climate actors across the country, we’re also working on the ground in Maryland to pass transformative climate legislation. In 2021, we launched the Rebuild Maryland Coalition, which is made up of 70 member organizations seeking to pass the Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act. Originally filed in the 2022 legislative session, the bill aims to make polluters pay and invest in communities most affected by the climate crisis.

So if you are a supporter of our work, or just a fan of electric vehicles, please consider purchasing a raffle ticket!

Click here to learn more about our raffle, see our previous winners, and buy tickets!