Make Your Future Electric by Entering Climate XChange’s 8th Annual Raffle

Electric vehicles placed in front of numbers one through eight

Photo illustration by Amanda Pontillo, Climate XChange

States across the country are recognizing the importance of decarbonizing the transportation sector, the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Light-duty vehicles account for over half of the emissions in this sector, making the transition from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs) essential to meet our climate goals. States are enacting a suite of policies to facilitate the adoption of zero-emissions vehicles: offering additional rebates to those in the Inflation Reduction Act, and building networks of charging stations by ensuring that buildings are equipped to support chargers or directly investing in charging infrastructure.

As manufacturers offer more battery-powered vehicles and governments support infrastructure advancements, vehicle adoption, and battery research and production, we’re seeing a rise in EV ownership. So far in 2023, EVs make up nearly nine percent of U.S. light-duty vehicle sales and a recent study from RMI estimated that they will make up between 62 and 86 percent of global car sales by 2030. 

Our 8th Annual EV Raffle

Eight years ago, Climate XChange decided to tackle decarbonizing the transportation sector while raising funds for our work by raffling off a fully-customized EV. And this year is no different. For our 8th Annual EV Raffle, we’re offering our largest selection of vehicles for our Grand Prize yet and adding an Early Bird drawing for $10,000 just ahead of the holidays. 

The Grand Prize winner of this year’s raffle will have their choice of a fully-customized EV from any manufacturer with all taxes paid by us. Plus we’re including $5,000 of charging support to go towards a home charger or to use while charging on the road. We’re also offering four cash prizes during our Drawing in February.

We’re also excited to announce this year we added an Early Bird Drawing to our raffle. If you purchase a raffle ticket by November 18th, you’ll be entered into a second drawing for $10,000. All tickets will still be entered into our final drawing, but early buyers will be eligible for this extra prize just ahead of the holidays.


Prizes Breakdown

Early Bird PrizeFor tickets purchased by 11:59 pm ET on November 18th, 2023


Grand PrizeBuild your own Tesla, Rivian, or your choice of any electric car! All taxes paid by us, plus $5,000 of charging support.

Max Car Total = $112,835 ǀ Max Tax Payments = $58,485 ǀ Charging Support = $5,000 ǀ Max Total Value = $176,320

2nd Prize$10,000

3rd Prize$5,000

4th Prize$3,000

5th Prize$2,000


Supporting Our Work

Not only does our raffle put one more electric car on the road, but it helps fund our organization’s work advancing state climate policy. States are critical in accelerating the transition to a zero-emissions economy, which is why we’re focused on helping states access federal funding and pass effective, equitable climate policies. With every ticket sale, we’re able to continue equipping state actors with the information and resources needed for rapid climate action.

The proceeds from last year’s raffle supported the development of our Strategic Plan, which ensures that our work meets the urgency demanded by the climate crisis. The plan outlines our path to deepening our connection to thousands of climate actors in our State Climate Policy Network (SCPN), redesigning our innovative State Climate Policy Dashboard, and helping pass policy through our campaign in Maryland.

Last year, our State Climate Policy Network grew to more than 18,000 legislators, executive branch officials, advocates, and technical experts working across the country. We offered numerous digital programs including policy calls and webinars, quarterly legislator discussions, a biweekly newsletter, and policy assistance for state actors.

The State Climate Policy Dashboard, our publicly accessible database covering 65+ policies across all 50 states, has seen more than 52,000 pageviews since its launch in 2021 and has been cited by dozens of research reports, articles, and policy tools (including once by the New York Times and the EPA)! We also debuted our Dashboard Digest article series, which dives deeper into each of the policies we track. Now, we’re redesigning the Dashboard to be more actionable and user-friendly — compiling information and analysis of state climate policy in one website!

We are also on the ground in Maryland continuing our efforts to pass equitable climate policy. Our team leads the Rebuild Maryland Coalition, a diverse group of stakeholders working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, hold polluters accountable for the damage they have caused, and put frontline communities first by passing the Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act (CCEJ).

You can read more about our Strategic Plan and the rest of our work in our latest Impact Report.

Buy Your Ticket Today

Not only can you drive away in your dream electric vehicle by purchasing a ticket, but you’re also supporting Climate XChange’s work passing state-level climate policy. Buy your ticket today for your chance to win in two drawings – our $10,000 Early Bird Prize in November and our five prizes in February.