2022 Impact Report: Looking Back, Forging Ahead


States are critical in accelerating the transition to a zero-emissions economy, which is why Climate XChange (CXC) is focused on helping states access federal funding and pass equitable climate policies. In a year of unprecedented progress — with the passing of the historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and major policy advancements at the state level — we continued to empower state actors with information and resources to push for critical climate action. 

Climate XChange’s impact model makes us unique; through our programs and resources, we amplify and enrich the work of climate actors across the country. Our State Climate Policy Network has an audience of more than 18,000 state and local policymakers, advocates, and other movement leaders, and in 2022, we partnered with other prominent organizations to share vital information and tools to advance state climate policy. At the heart of Climate XChange’s resources is our knowledge engine — our State Climate Policy Dashboard, the most comprehensive publicly accessible policy database. The Dashboard is powered by information from more than 100 contributing organizations and helps identify the best opportunities for state actors to develop effective and equitable climate policies. In addition to facilitating nationwide climate policies, we’re on the ground in Maryland, committed to pursuing environmental justice by passing the Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice Act.  

I joined Climate XChange in March 2022 and couldn’t be more proud of what our team has accomplished since then, Last summer, we started developing our 5-Year Strategic Plan to reassess our priorities and  ensure we make the greatest impact. This report shows that our small and nimble team has made great strides in delivering powerful results while forging a clear path for our organization’s future. I am excited about what the future holds! 

We are grateful to our donors, the foundations that have supported our work, and our partners who inspire us. In the year ahead, CXC will continue diversifying its income sources by reaching out to foundations that share our values and principles while building upon the success of our annual EV Raffle to fund  exciting new programs in our impactful strategic plan. Our efforts are bolstered by the invaluable advice and entrepreneurial spirit of our Board and its commitment to Climate XChange’s mission. I am deeply thankful  for their continued leadership and support.

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