Our Annual Tesla Raffle is Back for a 5th Time!

This year brought untold suffering to millions of people around the world. We continue to grapple with a pandemic that has taken so many lives and endure an economic crisis to a degree we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. In the midst of it all, we are also living through the reigniting of a mass movement across the country that calls for racial justice and the fulfillment of the rights and dignity of all people – which have been denied to Black and Indigenous people for far too long. 

As if these problems aren’t enough, we have an ongoing, intensifying crisis augmenting all of the problems we currently face, while also creating its own catastrophes: the climate and ecological crises. We are now living through some of the most horrific escalations of climate impacts, with all-time deadliest heat during the summer, worsening hurricanes and wildfires, and the unprecedented melting of Arctic ice. 

We know that we cannot wait to take action. The climate crisis is already here, and it is responsible for the devastating impacts we continue to see all around us. The good news is that we already have the tools and opportunities to shift away from the polluting fuels that caused this crisis and to advance equity for all people in the process. The world and its systems, on the other side of this crisis, can be better, more just, and more prosperous – and we all have a role to play in creating that world. 

Climate XChange is focused on state-level action and movement-building. Local policymaking and inclusive strategies are some of the most effective and powerful tools that we have in making this change happen, and we need your help to carry on this crucial work. We are once again launching our largest fundraiser of the year: The Tesla Raffle! It is not just a way to ensure our organization can continue to work on our mission and expand our programs, but it also gives our supporters the awesome chance to win the best electric vehicle and safest car on the market!

Raffle Details:

1st Prize: 

Your choice of: Model X SUV or Model S Luxury Sedan or Model Y Midsize SUV or Model 3 Midsize Sedan 

Max car total (which is for a fully optimized Model X) = $125,190

+ Max Tax Payments $64,608

Total Value = S189,798

Tax Breakdown for Max Payments: 

MA Sales Tax: $7,824

Registration Fee: $300

Federal prize taxes $47,446

MA prize taxes: $9,038

2nd Prize: $10,000

3rd Prize: $5,000

4th Prize: $3,000

5th Prize: $2,000

Total Prize Pool Value: $209,798

Mobilizing for decarbonization is critical right now and can in fact be a hugely important tool for our collective recovery. We are already doing the important work of analyzing and understanding how climate investments can — and should — tackle the overlapping issues of clean energy needs, job creation, climate resilience, environmental  justice, and public health. We are the only organization to date that has published a subnational, quantitative, comprehensive report on green stimulus, and we plan to continue undertaking this research throughout this year and into 2021.

At the same time, we are building our community of over 10,000 engaged stakeholders across the country, so we can learn from each other and scale sensible solutions that are proven to work. Our Advocacy Team is prepared and well positioned to achieve substantial climate progress in the upcoming Massachusetts and Maryland legislative sessions. Our leadership in both states’ climate movements, the strength of our cross-sector coalitions, and the expansiveness of our local grassroots infrastructures equips us with the influence and resources to make significant strides for climate in the coming year. 

As an organization, we have also experienced tremendous growth over the past year. We launched a new fellowship program that enables students to get involved in advocating for climate and clean energy policy and helps to build the next generation of climate leaders. We also recently brought on a National Advocacy Director to lead our strategic efforts in states across the U.S. to push forward sustainable climate policies that advance justice and equity. These additions to our team will allow us to scale our competencies where they are needed most, and will serve to maximize the impact of our work to create lasting change. We could not have done this without our Tesla Raffle and those of you who support us year after year in our fight to keep this planet livable. Our 5th Annual Tesla Raffle is our largest yet, reflecting the urgency of our work and equipping our team with the resources needed to transform our national response to climate change.

We love Tesla’s mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy, because that is what we also strive to do. By buying a raffle ticket, you will be supporting our mission and helping us accomplish this critical work for the future of our planet. We think of it as a win-win!

Featured Image: Photo by @Aktechit. Graphic by Julianna Stoll.